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What's your product price? Because each gas price is depends on the market supply and demand, quantity and purity, it is difficult to give a fixed price.

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If you have any interested in each gas, pls give your details requirement. I could like to make an offer to you.

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Different products have different min order. If the cylinder is in the stock, and only need to fill gas, the delivery is about days ex work after receive commercio di elio deposit. If the cylinder need to customize, the delivery is about days ex work after receive the deposit.

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That is depends on the quantity. How to check the gas quality?

  • Rubrica camerale >> A >> Albanese Elio Camera di Commercio di Lecce
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Firstly, our cylinder will take a treatment cleaning, drying, vacuum pumping, and replacement before filling gas. In this way, the cylinder inside is clear and dry.

commercio di elio

Secondly, we will take tests every treated cylinder to assure them inside purity. Thirdly, we will take a test for all of the gas after fill into cylinders. If the tested gas is not up to standard, we will produce it again and not release the faulty product to ex work.

commercio di elio

At last, we will supply you the gas test qualified report. All the cylinders can recycle? Usually seamless steel cylinder can recycle to use in 20 years.

The disposable cylinder is only for use one time. Shall we send back the cylinders to China to refill gas again?

commercio di elio

Yes, when you ordered our cylinders, next time, you can send back the cylinders to fill gas again. You just need to tell us before you export.

We will handle all the import customs clearance formalities.

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